Cover Reveal: Dragons Don’t Cry


Meet Bastian and Acasia.

They will be front and center on March 31st. To say I’m excited about this book is an understatement. I had so much fun with these two while building the dragon realm. I hope you want some humor with your dragons because this was always planned as a laughter filled series. Bastian and Acasia’s story is also quite emotional but, as always, I promise a happy ending.

Last week I received the cover for Dragons Don’t Love. My fingers are itching to hit the keyboard with the next dragon adventure. But NO! Fang first. I’m working on Ivan and loving the story. He’s been special since Book I: Amy’s Story and only Dmitri surpasses him in book-boyfriend mail. I want Ivan to be worthy.

Here’s a very short teaser from Dragons Don’t Cry:

At his words, my feet gave way and my ass hit the stone floor hard. His eye dipped, moving down to stay level with mine. His nostrils flared, hot air blowing my hair back. He breathed in, his long snout running indecently along my body, actually touching the robe.

“I do not like the smell of your fear.”

I sat on my sore bottom, stunned. My anger rose. Never in my entire life had I felt so furious. I pulled my arm back and my fist flew. Instantaneous pain. “Ow, that hurt.” I swear his nose was made of iron.

This time when his head flew back, his throat arching and fire flaring outward, I knew what he was going to do.

The damned dragon laughed at me.


I have three large signing events on my calendar this year. Here are the links if you live in the area and would like to visit:

Vegas: July 9-13 Romance Novel Convention  

Lebanon, TN: September 10-13 Indie Romance Convention

Phoenix, AZ: October 16-19 Author Reader Convention

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Fang Friday: S.E. Smith Author Interview

A very warm welcome to author S.E. Smith.  Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world of writing.Abducting Abby

Back in high school, would you put yourself with the nerds, jocks, preppy, goth, or choose another group? Tell us why?

If I had to pick an overall group, I would say Other. I never really fit into any ‘group’ as I was always exploring and developing who I was. Some called me a nerd but I considered myself more of a dreamer. I dreamed about what was out there, where I wanted to go, and how I was going to get there. High school was a difficult time for me as my parents moved during my 9th grade year to a small town in another state. I was not prepared for the cultural shock I received and it took a while to come to terms with the differences from living in a very large city to a small town. Fortunverately, I went to school with some very wonderful people and survived.

Is there a message in your books for readers? If so what?

Yes, there is a message in all my books. I believe in true love. I also believe that women can be strong, men can cry, and that a relationship takes a LOT of compromise. All of my stories have strong leading ladies who are comfortable with who they are. They recognize their weaknesses, work to overcome their fears, and are fiercely protective of their families and friends. The men are strong but are willing to accept and believe in their mates. I hope my readers not only enjoy the stories but recognize that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and with degrees of baggage.

Did you learn anything from writing your book? If so what?

I’ve learned a lot from my writing. Not only on the technical or publishing level but on a personal level. One thing is it can be rewarding but exhausting. After some specific scenes I am totally worn out. Another thing I have learned is writing the stories in my head helps to bring the characters I see to life. I find I am more of a storyteller relating what the characters are sharing with me. I am as surprised as my readers as to how each story unfolds. I have no idea what the characters are going to say or do or even what is going to happen next in it. Each sentence is new to me which makes it refreshing.

Tell us about your writing space.

My first writing space was the corner of the couch with a laptop. I did that for about five months before turning a room in our house into a small office. Now, my area is filled with bookcases, a desk with creative lighting, and my little village above it. My desk is always a bit of a mess with the notepads I have to help me keep track of things but it is my little corner of the house that allows me to escape into another universe.

At what point in your writing career did you actually consider yourself an author?

I am not sure I even now consider myself an ‘author’. As I mentioned early, I think of myself more as a storyteller. I am just retelling the stories the characters tell me. I have to admit it is much easier for me to write their stories than if I was to verbally retell it.

What’s your biggest motivation to write?

My biggest motivation to write came from the characters in my stories begging for their stories to be told. Each story runs like a movie inside my head until I am actually able to write it down. Often times I don’t even remember writing a certain section because I am so involved with the what is going on. Once I’ve written it down and I go back and read what I’ve written, I am often amazed by the story. I have to admit, I enjoy reading my own books over and over.

Please tell us about your latest book release or the book you are currently working on.

I just released a free short story called For the Love of Tia: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 4.1 that is available on my web site at This story is based on a character found in the Dragon Lords of Valdier series. I am currently working on Paul’s Pursuit: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 6. The Dragon Lords of Valdier series follows the story of five women who are taken from Earth after Zoran Reykill, leader of the Valdier, seeks refuge on Abby’s mountain. In the sixth installment the story of Paul Grove, the father of Trisha, is told. In this story, he returns with Trisha and Kelan to Valdier where he discovers that Morian Reykill, mother to the Reykill brothers, is his true mate. He will do anything he can to protect her and his family from the power hungry Valdier known as Raffvin. Paul’s Pursuit is expected to be released June 15, 2013.

Readers can learn more about S.E. Smith at:





Fang Friday: Gena Dee Lutz Author Interview

To introduce Fang Fridays we have a wonderful guest author, Gena Dee Lutz. Welcome to the Fang Chronicles Gena, we are excited to have you so let’s get started.

Final EC 3-2 MEDIUMDo you have a blueprint you follow when beginning a book?

I just sit in front of a blank screen and start writing. I let whatever wants to come out have free rein over the first couple chapters. After that, I try to create a plot board for the more crucial chapters. I usually end up going back to rewrite the first chapter after I am finished with the first draft of the manuscript.

Is there a message in your books for readers?

If so what? – I guess in way there is. I tend to write about strong female characters. Some start off that way and others need to find their strength. I guess my message to my readers would be to never give up. There is a strong alpha wolf in all of us just waiting for the chance to emerge and run free.

Did you learn anything from writing your book? If so what?

I did. I learned that anything is possible. One of those things being that even an undereducated, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, somewhat timid woman, can find the strength and courage to sit down and write her-self a book.

Do you ever experience writers block and if so what helps you get past it?

Oh my goodness yes. It’s a regular part of my writing process. Sometimes I am stalled on a scene for days. My mind is stubborn and likes to mull things over…get the scene and what happens next just right. I just go with the natural course of my brain and try not to push myself to much. I would rather get the scene right, give the story its due respect; instead of rushing to the finish line.

Back in high school, would you put yourself with the nerds, jocks, preppy, goth, or choose another group? Tell us why?

In school I was…hmmm. I guess I would have to say all of the above. I had friends in each one of those classification. I never herded myself into one group. I guess, as is the same with my books, I always preferred to be ‘Indie”.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

I would advise them to never give up. Writing a book takes patience and a very vivid and wild imagination. If you are blessed with those two attributes…the rest can be learned.

Describe yourself using three words and then please elaborate.

Wonky…Paranoid… Loving

Wonky- Oh boy…let’s just say that if there is a normal, un-fun, bland way of doing things…I will do the exact opposite. I am the person who comes up with all the bright ideas like…“Let’s play quarters”…that EVERYONE regrets they agreed to do the next day. Yeah, I am that gal!

Paranoid- When I enter a room I already have all exits mapped out for a quick escape. Every ‘bad’ scenario has already run through my head by the time I sit down at a table or wherever my body lands. Not to mention, I usually have devised a brilliant plan on how to either…run from any impending dangers…fight…or have found the perfect hiding spot in case of an emergency. Just think of my mind as if its a flight attendant on crack. I blame all of this craziness on my Writers Brain.

Loving- I am a hugger. I love good people…just want to eat em’ up! I believe in good Karma…sending out good vibes…and am blessed to have a ton of people who allow me to love them in my own special way.

At what point in your writing career did you actually consider yourself an author?

When I received my first review on Amazon. I actually screamed while jumping out of my chair. The whole house came running in to see what was wrong. With tears in my eyes I said… “Someone actually liked my book.” I got a lot of hugs that night…it was great.

What’s your biggest motivation to write?

At first it was to prove to myself that I could in fact write a full length novel. After that, I realized that writing books is my calling. I love every minute that I spend writing. I think that in itself is true motivation.

Please tell us about your latest book release or the book you are currently working on.

My current WIP is titled Roxanne Desired. It’s book 2 in The Prime Wolf series. The first draft is almost complete.

Author Bio ~ Gena D. Lutz spends most of her time conjuring up characters and figuring out devilish ways to torture them, in between several cups of café mocha. She is a mother, wife, and hunter of the dreaded dust bunny. This book is the first step towards living her dreams of being a full time writer.

Buy link: Amazon

Facebook Author Page

Thank you Gena!

It’s All About Fang II

Finally, Book II Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story has published.

I thought it would never happen. With four books under my belt, you would think switching genres would be easy. For me, it just seems to get harder. I pulled out my hair over Fang II to the point of baldness. Thank goodness I can wear a ball cap during my day job.

I need to thank my mom and Linda for hanging in there while I rewrote, screamed, edited, and cussed up a storm on this book. Your editing, suggestions, and critiques made a much better story.

In Fang I Amy’s Story, I played slightly with omniscient point of view. In this book I took much more liberty because I felt that both Emily and Brandt had too much going on in their minds and it was important for the reader to hear and feel their side. I’m not sure if I will do it again but my paranormal world unfolds in interesting ways when I start writing.

I’m taking a short break from Fangs to write my next Bad Luck book “Bad Luck in Small Town” which I’m hoping to publish this winter.

You know I usually share fang story/pictures here but unfortunately I’ve been unable to get a pic of the snake living in my garage. It’s a 12-inch baby (breed unknown) and hides quickly. When I run into her I never have my cell phone set up for pictures. She likes to hang out inside the garage door and a few times I thought she would fall on my head when I lifted it to get my car out. I love snakes but I’m sure I would jump a mile if she actually landed on me.

My picture in this post is Prince who has decided to hang out in my pond this year. He also likes to visit me and my husband on the back porch when we play dominoes and run the water sprinkler. I love him because he’s our natural mosquito eliminator and by his size you can see he does a great job. He also doesn’t seem to mind when I pick him up and move him around the garden so he isn’t chopped with a gardening tool. He’s mellow and a complete sweetie.

I’m excited to get feedback on Emily’s Story, good and bad so don’t be shy. Author’s live for reviews and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write one. If you see a pesky typo error that was missed by multiple eyes please feel free to email me at delenmcclain at gmail dot com


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Book II Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story Amazon B&N and All Romance Ebooks

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Killing Off Mom

My love of books comes directly from my mom. She refused to allow dyslexia to keep me from reading and searched until she found the solution. She then spent many hours working with me daily and giving me the ability to turn meaningless images called letters into words. She was a single mother with three children and this was in the late sixties. Her willingness to allow me to read anything and everything even when it was not appropriate at the time is the reason I am a book lover and writer today.

Our reading tastes differ but we both love morbid, strange, and weird humor found in the odd book here and there. One of our favorite Stephen King short stories is Survivor Type where the main character systematically eats himself. When we discover one of these gems we can’t wait to share with each other. We both read and love romance but when not in the mood we like a good story where the ending is not happily ever after. A dead hero just makes the story better.

Two years ago, I entered several short fiction contests and the common theme was a woman named Carol or a derivative of the name. In all the stories Carol dies in some gruesome manner. She was actually the best evil character in each story so alas, she had to be extinguished.

Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story is being released on August 24, 2012. Emily’s mother’s name is Carolynn. She’s my wonderful wicked character who dies in the first chapter. Don’t worry no spoilers here, I released chapter one at the end of Amy’s Story and you can read it below. Now don’t get me wrong, my mother gave me a wonderful childhood, fed my need for unusual pets, and cultivated a curiosity that might have killed a normal child. She nurtured my imagination endlessly.

I give her thanks and show my love by repeatedly killing her off. She always comes back so I can do it again in the next story. None of my short works won any awards but my mom and I laugh about every personality she plays. She understands my humor because it’s passed down from her own. I’m already thinking of ways to dispose of her again. When you read my books, keep your eyes open for Carol, Carolynn, Carrie, etc. She will probably die some ghastly death but will rise again and again.

Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story July 24th, 2012

Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and

Chapter I

Nineteen years ago…

The rain beat gently against the rooftop but it did not mask the sound of breaking glass coming from the first floor of Carolynn’s home. Living in a rural community was usually peaceful. She’d heard of wild animals jumping through windows but crime itself was virtually nonexistent. She grabbed the Glock from the nightstand drawer. Like many country hardened women Carolynn knew how to shoot. She would have preferred the shotgun but it was downstairs in the gun cabinet. The 9mm would do.

She didn’t hear another sound but knew she would never go back to sleep if she didn’t check the house. Slowly, she made her way downstairs, peering into the dark and wondering if she should turn on a light. Her female intuition told her no.

The porch light from outside, cast a soft glow into the front room as Carolynn turned toward the kitchen. A soft noise made her spin back toward the sound.

A naked man was standing ten feet away, mostly concealed by the dark shadows of the room. Before panic set in, she took a short breath and lifted the gun in one swift movement. But, before she could fire, the man did the oddest thing, he smiled. The explosion sounded at the same time his body slammed into hers. Her back made sudden impact with the floor, causing unbearable pain. The gun went flying from her hand.

Carolynn fought through the agony, her arms and legs kicking, her fingers gouging. She never had a chance. Her pleas did not change the course of events over the next hour.

The stranger never said a word. He walked out the front door when he was satisfied; a bloody trail caused by the bullet wound in his arm left dark smudges on the floor and on her skin. Despite the shock to her mind and body, his smell was the one thing Carolynn would never forget. It was the pungent scent of a wet dog.

Carolynn cried at the injustice as she scrubbed herself raw under the scalding spray of the shower. She wasn’t young or beautiful. Until tonight, she had only been with one man in her life. Her husband Dale had been dead for three years. She was too young to be widowed and she thought, too old to be savagely raped.

That night became her tormented secret. She stopped going to church and refused to speak more than clipped sentences to the women in her congregation. They finally left her alone.

She and Dale never had a baby. It was three months before she knew her body held the horror of what happened that night. Thoughts of killing herself and the child almost drove her crazy. Her hatred blossomed as the tiny being fluttered within her stomach. Suicide was a mortal sin but she welcomed eternity in hell over giving birth to the monster’s seed.

When the first cramps of labor began, she decided she would drown the hell spawn before its first breath. Her screams were heard by no one. Seven hours later, the small body slipped from her womb as Carolynn lay on the bathroom floor. The bathtub was filled with water waiting to close around the infant who would never know more than a few seconds of life.

Carolynn was barely able to stand and scoop up the bloody wet newborn. The baby was not moving but it was doing one amazing thing. Stark blue eyes, just like hers, gazed back. They would not release their hold. She collapsed to the floor, tears rolling off her cheeks, as she brought the softness to her breast.

Emily was given life. Carolynn’s grace lasted two weeks. Then, her child became a monster more real than her rapist. Carolynn caged her child for nineteen years. The cage was Emily’s entire world until the day she killed Carolynn, the day Emily killed her mother.