Procrastination On The Back Burner

disturbedNow that I’m a full-time writer, it’s easier than ever to procrastinate. I tend to get sidetracked with everything going on around me. I’m sure my Facebook friends will attest to this. I start every morning on Twitter and Facebook, and I mean every morning. An hour goes by in a blink. I refuse to admit to three.

Hiring an assistant/publicist was a no brainer for me. Having someone find those cute and sexy Facebook pics is an added bonus. I wish I could say I’m spoiled but it’s simply not true. This awesome lady kicks my butt.

“A newsletter, you need a newsletter!”

Ha… thus procrastination. The laugh was really on me because a “fill in the blank” edition arrived in my in-box this week.

“Post your introduction here”

“Post what you’re working on here”

And so it went. Two hours later, my first newsletter was ready to go and The Writing Chronicles came to life. The funny thing, I enjoyed every minute and I’m proud of the end result. Even the design, which I had nothing to do with, is perfect. So, without further procrastination or bragging, I hope you’ll click on the link below and read the first issue. There’s a signup button in the right-hand column of the newsletter too. I promise not to overwhelm your in-box but I’ll let you know when I have a new book releasing or might be in your area for a book signing.

Now back to writing, I swear!


The Writing Chronicles  <<<<<<<<————— You know you want to click that link!

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8 responses to “Procrastination On The Back Burner

  1. How come the event Moor in DimitriS story is not African, Moor’s are of the African people. And will there be any african Americans in Ivan’s story or your up-coming Dragon series ?

    • Hi Karen, wonderful question!!! I give no exact physical description of The Moor in Dmitri’s book. I leave that up to your imagination. His real name is Morris and he’s known throughout Europe as The Moor. When I thought him up as a character, I had Morgan Freeman from the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves in my mind. Yes, I know it’s corny but I always loved that movie and Freeman’s character. Of course I simply love Morgan Freeman too. My “The Moor” was born in Spain which was invaded by the Moors in the 700’s. His mother was Spanish and his father African though I don’t know if I will actually use these details in the next book. For you, I might :-)

      My worry with writing an African American character is getting the cultural differences wrong and upsetting readers of that heritage. I feel comfortable in the Mexican American culture because my family has inter married. I also taught English as a second language to Mexican immigrants so they could gain their citizenship and I learned so much about their lives in Mexico and what brought them to the US. Writing the Hispanic and Mexican culture is within my comfort zone.

      I hope this answers your question but if not, ask away and I’ll try to explain or fix an error I’ve made in one of my books. I fear there are many.

      • I don not think it was an error, they are your stories so of course you write about the heritages you know about I really like all the Fang Chronicles books and will read the last installment, if God wills, I just would like to see at last one or more black person like myself in the books I really like. I hoped fro an interracial story, but I understand if this makes you uncomfortable.

        I am still a Fan !

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