Dmitri Released Early!

DM-Fchron-Dmitri-300x450I completed the edits earlier than expected so Dmitri is out. I know it’s a hectic time of year so many readers won’t get to it until after the holidays but it’s waiting when you’re ready.

Thank you to Fantasia Frog Designs for this amazing cover. You Rock!

Michelle, Patricia, and Sally, I love you ladies for all the work you put into finding my errors and the wonderful feedback!

I’ve received so many incredible emails, Facebook messages, and blog comments this year and I wanted to share two with you because they were so special. I won’t mention names but you both made a special year awesome because you took the time out of your day and touched me.

I fell in love with this series from beginning to end! Also thank you for making them affordable. I had 36.00 in my checking account and thought I really should wait until I have a little more money before buying the rest of the series. Well lets just say I could not wait lol. I am a mother of 4, reading is my passion and I enjoyed this series to the fullest. I am now sharing with friends and family. Please get writing and keep it going I don’t know if I can wait until spring grrrrr lol.

Because of the above email, I kept the price of Dmitri at $2.99. I had decided to price according to word count but that’s the wonderful thing about being an indie author, I can change my mind. This email made me do just that.

This next one touched me deeply:

I just read the 1st 3 fang chronicles and starting on 4. I’m into vampire stories but tried the wolves and I love them! I’m going through chemo and reading good books helps my mind not to think of what I’m going through…just wanted to thank u for your great writing that I love so much and helping me through a tough time!! :)

How wonderful is that? I don’t think an email has ever touched me the way this one did and I had to share.

I wish everyone the happiest and safest of holidays!

Here are the links for Dmitri:




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