Fang Friday: Teresa Gabelman

I met Teresa Gabelman at the IRC convention in Tennessee. It just so happened that we were table-mates at the book signing. Top that off with the fact Teresa had read my Suzie Ivy books and you will probably figure out that our friendship was sealed in writer’s heaven. I downloaded her first book, “Damon Protectors Book I” and had the most enjoyable time of travel in my history of travels. Spending the day at three airports is not my idea of fun but the time flew by as fast as the pages. Please welcome Teresa and her wonderful paranormal series to Fang Fridays!

teresa pic useDo you have a blueprint you follow when beginning a book?

I do have a blueprint, but I might as well just throw it away. By the time I type ‘The End’ the characters have totally changed it all. Love it!

Do you ever experience writers block and if so what helps you get past it?

More times than I’d like to admit, but I don’t stop writing. I write total crap on the page and then the next day I go back, laugh at the total crap I’ve written and rewrite or reword the mess. Sometimes good ideas come out of the crap.

Tell us about your writing space.

Damon(TheProtectorSeries-TeresaGabelmanI write anywhere, at MMA fights, in the car, but mostly in the living room where all the action, noise, television and dog barking is going on. I can block everything out and I love being with my family, even though I’m in my own little world.

What are a few things you enjoy when not writing?

I love to read, spend time with family fishing and of course following my husband’s MMA fight team that my son fights on. G-FORCE! Sorry had to give a shout out to these awesome guys!

At what point in your writing career did you actually consider yourself an author?

The first time a reader took the time to message me about my book and asked when the second was going to be released because they couldn’t wait. Yeah, that was a slap of reality that I was finally an author. Nothing decided that moment other than a reader who wasn’t a friend or family member, but a complete stranger reading something I wrote and loving it.

What’s your biggest motivation to write?

Final ebook Cover JaredIn all honestly I just love to write, but now it’s the readers. Their words and messages motivate me more than anything ever could.

Can you tell us a short funny story about writing?

I get so into my writing and I write around my family. As I was writing my husband started talking to me and well I called him by the male characters name, Damon. I did break out into a cold sweat at first as he just stared at me funny, but then he grinned and shook his head walking away. Yeah, that could have been messy. HA!

Every author gets them. How do you handle bad book reviews?

I listen. Not everyone is going to love what you write, that’s a fact. I love great reviews, but I learn from bad reviews. Now if they only say ‘YOU SUCK’ and don’t express why ‘YOU SUCK’ I move on because well can’t learn much from that. I hate bad reviews and mope a little because ‘IT SUCKS’ to get them, but I respect them as part of growing as an author. Got to have thick skin in the world of writing.

Please tell us about your latest book release or the book you are currently working on.

I am currently working on ‘Sid’ book 4 in the Protectors Series. Seriously having fun with this one.

A close strike of lightning on a warm summer nightThank you so much for having me today D’Elen McClain. The Fang Chronicles ROCK and Marcus is my new book boyfriend….YUM!


Teresa lives in Bethel, Ohio with her husband, son, their dog Cin and her son’s snake, Steve Irwin. She is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, is a huge Mixed Martial Arts fan and follows her husband’s MMA fight team, G-Force, which her son fights for. When not writing she is either screaming like a crazy woman at MMA fights or reading in some quiet corner with her Kindle. She loves books that are fast reads filled with romance, humor, sexy alpha men and the women who drive them crazy.

Damon (The Protector Series) Book #1

Jared (The Protector Series) Book #2

Duncan (The Protector Series) Book #3

2 responses to “Fang Friday: Teresa Gabelman

  1. Loved this series! I am a HUGE Protector fan! There Hot, they Protect and their Vamps! Whats not to love? Teresa’s style of writing is like your watching a movie, you dont have to think you just have to sit back and enjoy.. I love it and can’t wait for SID to be released.. its going to be the best one yet!!

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