Fang Friday: Leigh Savage

9781434843012_frontcoverI’d like to welcome Leigh Savage to Fang Fridays. I was lucky enough to meet Leigh and her husband in Tennessee at the Indie Romance Convention. If there’s a such thing as too much fun, we had it the last night of the con at a Mexican restaurant enjoying margaritas and that’s all I’m going to say. Thank you Leigh for stopping by Fang today, let’s get started.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was in grade school but I didn’t start trying to make it as a writer until the birth of my daughter in 2003.

How did you choose your writer name?

My Father wrote horror stories under the name Kain Savage and I’ve always liked the how Vivien Leigh spelled Leigh in her name so I became Leigh Savage…I like to say that Leigh is for the Romance in my writing and Savage is for the darker side of my writing.

Has your family ever read your books?

My Mother has read Angel of Death and I must say it was a little embarrassing thinking about her reading the sex scenes I wrote.

Do you ever experience writers block and if so what helps you get past it?

I’ve found that sometime if I switch my writing method from laptop to paper and pen or back again that sometimes helps…if that doesn’t work I take a break and read one of my favorite Author’s.

Back in high school, would you put yourself with the nerds, jocks, preppy, goth, or choose another group? Tell us why?

I would have been goth; I dyed my hair black and dressed all in black, I wrote the dark poetry and did some really dark art work…I was all into the Vampire’s so much so that I started writing my very own short stories about vampire’s. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Writing and publishing your book is really only one step the hardest part is what comes after…promotion…learn to promote…promote and promote some more because you can’t just hope that your book will get noticed amongst the sea of books that are out there you have to make people notice it.

At what point in your writing career did you actually consider yourself an author?

The first time I was asked for an autograph.

What’s your biggest motivation to write?

Honestly and this might sound crazy to the readers but a lot of Author’s will understand to get the charters to leave me alone.

How many books are currently available for sale? 

Saint Louisville Vampire Series

Angel of Death

Shadows of my Past

Stand Alone Titles…

Bound by Blood:  A Collection of short stories

Dream Dragon the Dark Side of Poetry

Please tell us about your latest book release or the book you are currently working on.

I’m currently working on a prequel to Angel of Death Saint Louisville Vampire Series called Surrender to the Night in which I go back and tell Christopher and Rachel’s story.

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authorphotoAuthor Bio: 

Leigh Savage lives in Saint Louis, MO with her husband and two children. Leigh is known for her paranormal erotic romance novels Angel of Death and Shadows of My Past. She has also written a collection of short stories called Bound by Blood and her new release Dream Dragon the Dark Side of Poetry. Leigh is currently working on her next paranormal erotic romance short Surrender to the Night that’s a prequel to Angel of Death as well as book three in her vampire series called Embrace of the Immortal.
“I grew up loving to escape in the world of stories that my Father would write just for me. So, it wasn’t any wonder that as I got older, I too picked up the pen and started writing.”

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