September Update: Fang Goes Back To the Vamps

pic 2The world of Fang Chronicles has been a busy one. Amy’s Story is currently in the top 100 on Amazon’s free list and was #10 for over 48-hours. The remainder of the series is also ranked in the top 100 within their category. I know readers don’t really care about this but as the author it’s a pinch-me moment and I wanted to share.

What do readers care about?

Well if my emails and Facebook messages are anything to go by, it would be the next Fang book. The comments have been all over the board from thanking me for writing the Fang series to angry condemnation for waiting to release the next book in Spring, 2014. Just a little secret… it may be sooner.

I’m currently researching Dmitri’s past. I have no plans to bog you down in the historical details but I want his early vampire life to parallel a tumultuous time-period that created the man he is today. Dmitri has an evil sadistic side that needs a good back-story so readers don’t give up on him.

I’m excited to return to the vampires and their lives, it seems a long time since Marcus was the focus. I think you will ultimately like Dmitri even more as the beastkind war boils over and threatens the clans and their allies.

I received the new book cover and it kills me to keep it hidden. Truly it does! The title is Fang Chronicles: Dmitri. I’m very excited for everyone to see it. I will do a cover reveal when the book is nearer completion. I’m truly hoping for the first of the year but with my job, it’s always easier to bring the date forward than to move it back so officially it remains spring 2014.

Welcome to all the new Fang blog followers. I have funny pics, quotes, and Fang update information on Facebook so please friend me

I know the vamp eyes go amber in my books but the picture above was too good to pass on.

Now, back to writing…

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