It’s All About Fang II

Finally, Book II Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story has published.

I thought it would never happen. With four books under my belt, you would think switching genres would be easy. For me, it just seems to get harder. I pulled out my hair over Fang II to the point of baldness. Thank goodness I can wear a ball cap during my day job.

I need to thank my mom and Linda for hanging in there while I rewrote, screamed, edited, and cussed up a storm on this book. Your editing, suggestions, and critiques made a much better story.

In Fang I Amy’s Story, I played slightly with omniscient point of view. In this book I took much more liberty because I felt that both Emily and Brandt had too much going on in their minds and it was important for the reader to hear and feel their side. I’m not sure if I will do it again but my paranormal world unfolds in interesting ways when I start writing.

I’m taking a short break from Fangs to write my next Bad Luck book “Bad Luck in Small Town” which I’m hoping to publish this winter.

You know I usually share fang story/pictures here but unfortunately I’ve been unable to get a pic of the snake living in my garage. It’s a 12-inch baby (breed unknown) and hides quickly. When I run into her I never have my cell phone set up for pictures. She likes to hang out inside the garage door and a few times I thought she would fall on my head when I lifted it to get my car out. I love snakes but I’m sure I would jump a mile if she actually landed on me.

My picture in this post is Prince who has decided to hang out in my pond this year. He also likes to visit me and my husband on the back porch when we play dominoes and run the water sprinkler. I love him because he’s our natural mosquito eliminator and by his size you can see he does a great job. He also doesn’t seem to mind when I pick him up and move him around the garden so he isn’t chopped with a gardening tool. He’s mellow and a complete sweetie.

I’m excited to get feedback on Emily’s Story, good and bad so don’t be shy. Author’s live for reviews and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write one. If you see a pesky typo error that was missed by multiple eyes please feel free to email me at delenmcclain at gmail dot com


Purchase Links:

Book I Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story Amazon B&N and All Romance Ebooks

Book II Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story Amazon B&N and All Romance Ebooks

It helps me tremendously if you click the like button on the Amazon page and the tags about half way down the page. No purchase required. At B&N there is no purchase required to leave a review if you purchase elsewhere. Thank you all your support!

4 responses to “It’s All About Fang II

  1. Awesome cover! So is Emily’s book only available at ARE? When will it be available on Amazon or B&N?

    A prince that is useful and actually works around the house … I think that may break Prince union rules.

  2. Have really enjoyed the first two books if fang Chronicles… Didn’t really like the Way Amy’s Story ended in affair and motherhood but left you hanging…. Really looking forward to see how the whole thing pulls together. When will next book be coming out?

    • Hi Tonia, Thank you for your kind words. I’m not sure what you mean about the affair unless you mean Alba’s affair to get pregnant with the babies. If so, it’s a key point in my world building. BUT there is something that happens in book 3 that might make you feel better about it. If not, you can write a comment and yell at me :-) The next book will be out this summer. Thanks again for taking the time to let me know you read and enjoyed the books. It’s what keeps me writing!

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